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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 21, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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have finally been freed we will talk about that coming up. live where a restaurant worker makes a gruesome discovery, we will tell you what homicide detectives are doing to try to figure it all out. a five-year-old girl caught in the crossfire of a gun battle, we will tell you the innocent activity that led up to this violent activity. and changing architecture, ktvu channel 2 news continues. good morning to you well dark good morning welcome to a brand-new day, dave clark. >> coast and bay was not a factor and it is pouring back in but it's very shallow, so it
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will be hot there 90s for many even with a west winds 90s but coast and 60s and 70s. this morning's commute will be a little bit slow when you get down to the golden gate bridge some thick fog as steve as mentioned we just saw it on the tweet of course daily city, the fog is an issue so be careful out there more traffic and weather minutes away. let's go to dave and pam. two uc berkeley graduates have been released and in berkeley with morning we have more with what happened overnight. here is more. >> reporter: it has been a busy morning and we should mention there are multiple
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confirmations for these two hikers, they are free this morning however there are media camped outside of tehran and have not seen the attorney vehicle actually leave the prison so it's still unclear if they have left the grounds we are watching that development very closely. however there has been a lot happening overnight. attorney for the two hikers confirmed he had gotten the necessary signatures to get the two hikers out and diplomatic vehicles from swiss and country are reported they are free. maybe our best indication will come when we look at what happened when sarah shaw was released she was released on $500,000 bail and that country was put up so she went to that embassy to thank them. her mother was there waiting
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for her there. there are reports that money for the bail for each of these men 500,000 each as well was also put up by the same country and there are are reports they are in that country waiting. if that is true we are looking at a similar reunion due to take place but we are following developments and we will have reaction in berkeley and we will check back with you in a bit. president barack obama is heading off a middle east showdown at the united nations. later he meets separately with both the palestinians president and israel lie prime -- is really -- israeli prime continuester. -- prime minister. we will have more on how president barack obama is responding. searching for clues after a gruesome discovery. tara moriarty has the details on the body of a woman found inside of a popular restaurant,
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tara? >> reporter: well the crime scene tape is now gone and it looks like any other day of business for the bakery and bar here but yesterday it was anything but ordinary. last night around 7:30 the owner found a woman's body inside the bathroom. he was cleaning for the evening shift. we are told it was a worker here, police have not released her identity. witnesses saw the woman alive during the afternoon. he said he left her with customers when he ran errands and he started to get ready for the evening but did not see her but several hours later did discover her body in the bathroom. they did respond but found nothing suspicious and left. this is not the first time this particular building has had trouble. it was the scene of a double murder just two years ago and
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gang members kill two men with shotguns. i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. police are checking surveillance video as they search for the gunman who shot and wounded a five-year-old girl. it happened while the little girl was walking with her father in the city's bay view district late yesterday. investigators say the little girl got caught in the crossfire of a gun battle. the stray bullet hit her in the left knee and she is expected to make a full recovery. there are a lot of people who saw this and are now earning witnesses to come forward. >> if you saw anything or heard anything or seen anything on you tube please contact the police department. >> it stemmed from a water balloon fight between two groups which escalated into gunfire.
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they are looking for two shooters who shot four rounds. they are looking for the accused killer, he is accused of killing jerry mellow and land manager matthew cole last month. the dogs will join to search a forest near fort brag where he is believed to be hiding. investigators have uncovered a trail of evidence left behind by him including campsites and food. oakland police want your help to find a teen who has not been seen since last months. she has not been seen since she left her home on august 31 is the. she weighs 10 pounds. she has black hair and brown eyes and have reason to believe she may be in oakland or
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berkeley. supervisors want to make the city a safer place for birds to fly requiring them to use windows that can be seen by birds. millions of birds die after flying into clear windows all over the country critics of this idea say using patterned or opaque glass could detract from the views. the board of supervisors is expected to take a final vote on this next week. today is the third spare the air day in a row. you are being asked to limit home energy use and limit pollution levels. high tension winds will make our air quality bad. today is the 7th smog alert this year. 6:07, sparing the air, sal, we tried to ride our bikes home from school but boy, it was
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hot. >> and i would have other problems besides the hot weather, but i am just saying. i prefer my 8 cylinder 450. it is just a little bit of traffic humor. if you get on to the freeway, it looks good from the bay point and from san ramon it is a nice looking drive coming in from vallejo to richmond we are looking good so far. this morning we are looking at a new crash northbound 880 -- i'm sorry northbound 280 and east 14th, it is causing a little bit of traffic on 238. you can see traffic is just a little bit slow by the road centers on 238, kind of like the bad old days of 238.
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old bay pictures and this morning's drive in san francisco approaching downtown looks good. let's go to steve. all right, yesterday i met my father for coffee and walnut creek's finest. when are you going to cool it down, it is too hot. i have the order in, just letting you know because it was warm. it was 98 degrees fog is back. on the coast it is shallow but there. it will cool down. inland it will still be hot. temperatures in the higher elevations are in the 80s. there will be a bigger fog bank, it will be cool to warm the key is yesterday, the coast was clear and that has reversed itself very slightly. each though the fog is there, it is not making much of an impact and some of the highs,
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hitting san francisco. santa rosa was 98 and livermore 101 was the leader of the pack. coast and bay shallow but it is there, a very light west wind and there is not enough there yet. it tells me it will be hot way from the coast -- away from the coast. 50s low-to-mid to upper even san jose sitting at 61, a little hint of fs o at five, the fog makes 'impact by the waters' end. it will be hot for many. i do expect that sea breeze to pick up and the big temperature difference will be there. in oakland it will be warmer than 79 but coast and bay will still be warm to hot. more fog on thursday and friday and it will be cooler with mid- level clouds with your weekend
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in view. on capitol hill, three internet companies will testify at a senate hearing against google, we will tell you what they are upset about. ♪
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. welcome back to the news,
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they are accusing google of not playing fair. they accused google of driving people who use their own search own gin to specialize dollars -- search engines to specialized sites. they are looking forward to any questions they may have. president barack obama will include a town hall with mountain view base linked in. people with submit questions about the economy and job creation for the president to answer and the event will be streamed live. it also includes two fundraising events and it will include a dinner at the facebook's ceo. just about an hour and a half from now president barack obama will address the united nations. he is facing a diplomatic
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challenge, allison? >> at the united nations he is looking for a sovereign state and this is a very diplomatic issue because he supports statehood but only through negotiations with israel not by a decree. he meets with mahmoud ahmadinejad but in the meantime opponent rick better perry is seizing on it on the campaign trail accusing him of putting israel in a position of weakness. >> week equally indignant of the obama administration and their middle east policy of appeasement that is encouraged such an ominous act of bad faith. now the opposition of statehood recognition could create a loss more problems for him in the arab world and we'll see how he navigates it during his un
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address this morning. for now live, allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. 6:16 they are reportedly moving through the peninsular which is part of a counterterrorism group in somalia and yemen. one will be built in ethiopia, the other in the say shells. it will all how armed drones to be deployed over yemen. an execution scheduled in georgia tonight has prompted protests and vigils around the world. troy davis is set to be put to death for the 1989 murder of a police officer, however 7 of the nine trial witnesses have since recanted testimony and davis is willing to take a lie detecter test to prove his innocence. it is likely to go on as planned, georgia's parole board
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has removed a last ditch appeal and they are not likely to take up the case. a new study found oakland police are too quick to draw their guns. researchers have reviewed dozens of cases through january and march of this year. they determined officers acted appropriately in the majority of cases but officers did not have to draw their guns in 28% of the incidents examined. the study is part of a fall out from the riders police scandal. time now 6:17 the largest shopping center plans to expand. they are looking to the future and they want to improve the shopping center but they don't have a master plan yet and they want to hear from neighbors before they decide what changes to make. >> on this property for 25 plus years, we are looking forward to starting a process for what the next 50 years will be. >> they are looking at 60-year-
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old buildings, they can use some real significant revamping anyway. the biggest expansion they need is parking garages. shopping wants to hear all the public's ideas through a series of meetings that actually begins next months. -- next month. >> sal, what are you keeping an eye on? we are seeing some of that, you can see the metering lights have been turned on and you will see a little bit of a back up. also this morning that traffic looks nice and no major problems if you are driving to the commute, as a matter of fact traffic continues to look good, into union city i want to
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move the maps up to highway westbound 4 and there is a trash on westbound 4 coming up as you drive through antioch, let me try and find a better location for you here. the traffic is slow as you come up there and i don't see it here. i don't see what that indicater is all about but we will get to the bottom of that and have it for you. let's go to sal. >> we have some changes but it is going to be hot inland and no sea breeze. the fog has come bound, it is right down on the deck just a few locations and inland temperatures will be warm to hot. very low, very thick, there is not much of a breeze but hardly anything. in fact so far no delta breeze whatsoever so not much going on. i did look at sunset so it will help on the coast but for others it will not matter.
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51 napa, 52 and san jose oakland, the oakland airport yesterday wrapping it up to 93 degrees and livermore is the hottest i can find at 101. if you are by the water's edge it will drop, had three days on the coast but that's not the case today. it will not make much of an impact but for those by the coast 60s to 70s and we will find it still warm to hot to near 90 and 100 degrees. thursday into friday with your weekend in view, higher clouds plus lower clouds equal a big cool down. time now the federal reserve is running out of options to try and boost the economy. but some say ben bernanke says it will reach 50 years in the past for his next move, that is when operation twist was the
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last used. if they decide to go that option, it will shift the 1.7 trail caron dollar portfolio warning lower interest rates could escalate high inflation. it is best known for its chips that render graphics and pcs for mobile devices. they say the new chip has a 5th core used to perform tasks. it's not like the others but can operate on low power so they can receive twitter updates and the other four cords are used for more complex functions and make things more versatile. keeping the toe trucks away from you, a new idea to help protect drivers and keep your cars out of the toe yards. why they are staying at a dozen schools.
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. we can't see the towers, it
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is foggy in parts of the san francisco, and other parts of dahly city so be careful. >> people people in san francisco have early warnings their car is about to be towed. they can receive e-mails or text messages but it will tell them about temporary construction or street cleaning and permanent tow away zones would always be identified. great growers were real busy as they rushed to harvest their crops. they were picking under starry skies because it has been too hot to do it. it is hard to pick them when it is over 80 degrees so they want to pick them now because the timing is right to make the best wine. >> there is that optimum
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maturity and a lot of our other wines. >> this year's production could be down as much as 1 5% compared to last year. a pretrial hearing begins tomorrow against oakland raider. he is accused of a confrontation one year ago. the 36-year-old woman claims he forced her into a back room and would not allow her to leave. he screamed at her and pushed her because she said he was afraid she was trying to take his picture. he is charged with battery and false imprisonment. they voted to hold off on further expansion. they just added colorado and utah but they were entertaining
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the idea of southwest schools including oklahoma. they were worried about long distances between schools and setting the conference structure. we are continuing to follow the release of two american hikers jailed in iran, where are they now and where are they likely to go next? and in san jose, drastic measures being considered in order to balance the budget. and the nazdaq, i will tell you what is happening today that could affect the stock market. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for take off.
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. welcome back to the morning news, taking you live to new york, there it is the opening bell live in new york where investors and traders are waiting for the federal reserve
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wrapping up their two day meeting some hope they will issue some sort of policy we have been talking about to help boost the economy. we are waiting for that as well and we will get you more numbers and business news in just a moment. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news, it is wednesday september 21 arthroscopy. i am dave clark -- september 21st. i am dave clark. we are waiting for word, they have now left the prison compound. they have confirmed shane bauer and josh fattal have been released. joining us live she is in berkeley to tell us all that has been happening overnight, here is more. >> reporter: two cars filled with the diplomats are approaching the gates in
6:31 am
tehran. we are still not sure if shane bauer and josh fattal are in those cars now that they have been officially released, we are assuming they are very close to leaving those grounds. now word came overnight that they -- that all the paperwork that was necessary to get them out was in hand. they were seen arriving 3:30 our time and at 4:45 we go the word multiple sources confirming they were officially free. we did get reaction from one berkeley student who was relieved to hear the news. >> with wow, i am really glad they made it, that is a long time to be there. >> reporter: it has been more than two years and may be our best indication of what comes next comes from sarah shaw. she was also released on the same amount of bail and the first thing she did was to
6:32 am
publicly thank him and others key to her release. >> i thank everyone in the world all the people and government involved and i want to particularly address mahmoud ahmadinejad and all the iranian officials and religious leaders for their humanitarian gesture and i am humbled. >> now her mother was waiting for her there and there were reports the men might also be in iran. they are waiting to see about getting them off the ground and that's the information we are following. san jose faces a bleak outlook for next year's budget and they admit there is no way to run a city. kraig debro has more on this financial crisis, craig? >> reporter: good morning when
6:33 am
the city manager was here in downtown san jose, she had something to say to city council members but this was a problem they faced earlier this year and it had to do with balancing the budget, tax increases or do something to their pensions to massage that or get the costs down. according to the city manager they are considering closing all the branch libraries even laying off some park rangers. you may recall earlier this year they have 10 unions to agree to a course the board pay cuts and not only that, up to 500 people were laid off or their jobs were not replaced when people retired. they are not facing that dire situation this fall, however when they started planning their 2012 / 2013 fiscal year, they are delaying the opening of four other libraries and there is even talk of laying
6:34 am
off some crossing guards at schools. we want to go to school and get reaction from one of those guards. reporting live kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. managers of the golden gate bridge recreation area are mapping out plans for the next 20 years. they want to promote changes and improve conservation. there will also be better access to the beach and the up -- upgrades will cost $150 million. funeral home now offering to bury all of the victims of the reno air crash for free. the owner of walton's funerals heard about the plight of one of the families and decided to provide help for all of the victims. we want to warn you have new video coming out of that crash. it shows the plane making a
6:35 am
loop before it hits the ground and then disinn greats. -- disintegrates. a local air show coming up this weekend explain why they are inherently safer than the air races in reason night. >> police saying the rescue dog of a grieving mother led to the body of michelle le. it led to the area of sunole pleasantton area. she brought her yellow lab to the search area and it was her dog who found the missing nursing student's body. the 14-year-old honor student was stabbed to death near san diego two years ago and her child's body was not found for a year. >> i believe there is such thing as some type of closure but you never completely get closure. >> the coroner used dental
6:36 am
records to identify her and they tried to figure out how she was killed. giselle esteban is accused in her murder. you should know thousands of nurses are getting ready to walk off the job in oakland. they are planning a one day strike tomorrow. thousand will take park. both hospitals have hired replacement nurses. muny is getting readied to replace -- ready to replace cables. muny should become more reliable in the coming months. work began to replace the cable loop which is the auto mated cable loop that fits the rails. those cables play a crucial role in guarding muny's entire underground system. sal, is traffic taking a
6:37 am
toll on the toll plaza? >> you could say that let's go out and take a look at this live camera view. it is said we have about a 15 minute delay, not too bad, we will have to stop, and making it on between 10 and 15 minutes so not too bad in the grand scheme of things. traffic looks good getting on to the high-rise. there was a minor accident, but traffic is already slow and would be slow no matter what. pleasant hill concord walnut creek if you are driving they are still clearing an accident. we have some slow traffic coming in from caster valley and coming in from dumbarton, it looks good, a little bit of slow traffic here and there on the highway up to 17 and in
6:38 am
cupertino it looks nice and that's about all. let's go to live pictures and i want to show you traffic is going -- we did the live pictures? 6:38 i am a little confused this morning, steve. it happens to me,too. on the coast we have some thick fog, the toughest forecast is in the city alone. 86 in downtown san francisco, we had an offshore breeze and it allowed the coast to warm up, 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s, livermore 101, red wood city 96, oakland airport 93 by the way. san francisco there is that 86- degree reading. coast and bay fog is there this
6:39 am
morning and it is snaking its way around, very shallow on some of the bridges and in parts of the city as well. so a light westerly breeze because there is no breeze anywhere else. inland areas will not have any problem warming up. temperatures are already around 25 feet. napa a 51 and they had a 46- degree spread as the highways 95. 60s for some, hayward and mountain view, no delta breeze unless that kicks in theres no way it will cool down. now that system is inching closer and parts of the day inland it will take another day. temperatures are very toasty for some, 99 clear lake, napa 94, we will go with 100 for
6:40 am
antioch and brentwood. 79 oakland, 78 alameda, 97 morgan hill 98 gilroy, san jose 97 and upper 80s in palo alto, here we go 600s and -- 60s and 70s closer to the coast and we will be in the lower 60s. with your weekend always in view it will be much cooler as we head to your weekend. tested tsunami system today all along the coast of california organ and washington, there will be broadcasts about this warning on the national weather service around 10:15 and 10:30 this morning. federal loan programs that helped them, why they want that money to go to somebody else. live in richmond, they are
6:41 am
trying to figure out how a woman's body ended up in the bathroom of this restaurant. all of a sudden we have a little bit of slow traffic on highway 17, we will tell you more about this commute coming up. it feels like help is never far away. it feels like you're protected against life's little mishaps. it feels like you'll make it home.
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i am a face unclogger. i am a nose coach. i am a throat untickler. i am a human cough suppressant. and i am the sniffles worst nightmare. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about cold and flu remedies. . we are now hearing two uc
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berkeley grads will be leaving that prison any minute now. the state department confirmed this morning josh fattal and shane bauer have been cleared for release. san jose's outlook is bleak because of a 115 million-dollar deficit. they may have to close all of its branches and even layoff crossing guards and park rangers. the city may also have to rework pensions and taxes. mahmoud ahmadinejad is being asked not to ask them for statehood. president barack obama will go back to peace talks with israelis and president barack obama is due to address the un general assembly in just about 15 minutes from now. homicide detectives in richmond were looking for clues
6:45 am
following a gruesome discovery. ktvu channel 2 news' tara moriarty has information that led up to a murder mystery, tara? >> reporter: well the bakery and bar does not open for another hour and the owner found the body of a woman found inside the bathroom here. it happened around 7:30 last night. he was cleaning up for the evening shift and the victim was a worker here. police will not say how she died and they have not released her identity. witnesses saw the woman alive off san pablo avenue, he left her with customers and when he came back the place was empty. he tried to get ready for the evening but several hours later found her in the bathroom. police did respond to an argument between a man and woman earlier but they found no witnesses and nothing suspicious so they left.
6:46 am
this area was the scene of a double murder two years ago. i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. a federal loan program helped open a factory in fremont is now in danger. it comes under the wake and controversy of solyndra. they are considering a proposal to take away remaining funds in the advanced vehicle program and transfer the money for damage caused by hurricane irene. they are looking to convert it it. now sol lean ins will be -- now they will be holding an air show and they say the reno air races are a lot different than their air show. >> it is a highly choreographed well scripted presentation of the aircraft out in front of
6:47 am
the audience, no energy directed towards the aides yens at any time and all variables are in control at all times. >> the organizers expect a few more faa administrators there than usual but are not making any changes to the show itself. right now 6:47 we want to go back over to sal, what is going on sal? let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza and that's where we are starting out, we will start out east bay and we will start out northbound on 280 getting up to the 880 interchange and go to the toll plaza. you can see traffic is backed up for a 15 minute wait before you get on to the bridge which is not all that bad. we don't have any reports of problems on that upper deck. let's look at the traffic from
6:48 am
vallejo to panel. if you are driving on highway 4 to pittsburgh and bay point, we have slow traffic and slow traffic on 238 an early crash, we may have a new crash on caster valley y. if you are driving in livermore traffic is slow coming from the pass. stop-and-go traffic and heavy traffic into the valley and also if you are driving on 880 or nearby it is slow. there will be cool conditions and it will be another hot toasty day with temperatures from 90 to 100 degrees. if you get that fog you are one the first ones to get a fog bank coming back, it will be a cool day for inland areas it
6:49 am
will be cool. probably tomorrow 90s to near 100 and much cooler as we head to the weekend. thunderstorms erupted over the central sierra and fell apart once we get to sunset. fog gets worse and cooler readings on the lows. temperatures are already in the 80s and it will be another hot day, later this afternoon breeze will nick. system right there with west winds later in the day still 100 degrees in livermore. a cooler pattern for some by the coast and there could be more of a hint. this afternoon it is there, it will show itself question is will it make it inland and probably not. it will be toasty for others, coast and bay it will be a
6:50 am
difficult forecast 78 rip month 78 berkeley and alameda but it can go passed that. not a problem upper 90s to near 100 degrees. san jose down 4, and on the peninsular 80s to 90s along the coast and in the city 60s and 70s. city was 76. fog will be on the increase starting to lift and with your weekend in view it will be noticeably cooler. social network unveiling a top story from your friends. it has a news ticker on the right side of your page that offers realtime updates and is increasing the size of photos. users post a quarter billion photos every day.
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they are boosting its dividends and the 2 5% increase since they started paying them will holds 20-cents per share. do more marijuana dispensaries mean more crime? researchers suggest it may not be the case. >> it was like there have been no gaps. >> simon cowell with the x factor, we will show you what he is saying about reuniting with paula abdul. and a facebook page, updates even send us messages and story ideas. just search the morning news team.
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6:54 am
. paul castillo facing felony charges for kidnapping and killing cindy, and it happened after a robbery attempt. the two people connected with a san jose pot club helped castillo hide from police for three days. a new report out suggests
6:55 am
medical marijuana dispen are yous do not -- dispensaries do not necessarily lead to more crimes. researchers found the crime actually went up once the dispensaries closed. they will add more police -- they had more police when these centers were open. they are sawing cal fire and it started when a prescribed burn went out of control. it burned for two days and destroyed two mobile homes. they claim cal fire acted negligently when they let the control under fire get outs of hand and they seek to get damages but state law shields them from any punitive damages. simon cowell is coming back tonight debuting his new show the x factor and it is a singing competition which is
6:56 am
open to contestants as young as 12. groups are welcome and it takes place in a stadium packed with people. they are pairing people up with paula abdul and when simon spoke with us, he said within minutes of working together, it was like he and paula never left each other's side. >> there twas like there had been no gap between the three years we had been working together. sat down within five seconds of annoying irritating crazy, it was paula. >> it airs channel 2 tonight at 8:00 and you can see that entire interview with simon cowell on our website time now 6:30 is there an "x" factor in our commute? >> not right now but there are
6:57 am
things we want to x out. we have a back up at the toll plaza which quickly moves to san francisco. northbound 101 busy and you can see traffic looks good 280 as well. across the bay they have it slow near 92 and in san jose, they are still in pretty good shape, let's go to steve. >> we have fog on the coast and that's the only place it is going so inland warm to hot near 90 to 100 degrees and by the coast 60s and 70s. coming up next on mornings on 2, a blast from the past. the popular series about what killed the dinosaur has literally been shattered to pieces. >> some call her the most hated woman in america why casey anthony feels she has to learn another language, stay right here with us.
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